///     Refund Policy
Hi, I'm Bailey Richert, owner of Infopreneur Productions LLC, and I want you to be satisfied with your purchase of the "Welcome Series Scripts" or any of my products. 
However, please note that our refund policy for this product suite is strict.
Simply put, we do not offer refunds for the following products:
- Welcome Series Scripts
- Nurture Series Scripts
- Social Proof System
These products contain instant access to video content as well as digital, downloadable resources for which access cannot be revoked after purchase. Therefore, we do not issue refunds.
The point of this policy is to protect the rights of the product creator, not enable people to steal educational material by requesting refunds after they have already downloaded the product content. 
If you have any questions or problems, please let me know by contacting me directly by sending an email to contact@infopreneurproductions.com.
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